Heat Treatment

ArmorMax provides turnkey professional services including engineering, removal and installation of refractory linings for a variety of applications within the heat treatment industry.

Heat Treatment Applications:

  • Turnkey design and build
  • Major furnace relines
  • Furnace cleaning for survey
  • Refractory removal and repair
  • Car-bottom furniture repair and replacement
  • Mechanical repair
  • Door fabrication and install
  • Preventative maintenance

Engineering & Design

Heat Treatment Applications:

  • Rotary hearth furnaces
  • Die heater furnaces
  • Box furnaces
  • Car-bottom furnaces
  • Tunnel kilns
  • Periodic kilns
  • Pit furnaces
  • Walking beam furnaces
  • Pusher furnaces
  • Annealing hood furnaces
  • Additional furnace types

Heat Treatment Applications