Steel Melt Shop

ArmorMax specializes in custom-designed and custom-fitted refractory lined components, preheat stations and covers, ladle lids, tundish covers, precast shapes, ceramic blanket covers, ladle lining board, off-site repair and refurbishment.  

Fiber Lined Components

  • A variety of melt shop components relined using advanced materials with industry leading performance.
  • ArmorWool generation III fiber solutions with superior strength and thermal conductivity performance.
  • Furnace doors and covers are relined in one of our 6 ArmorMax facilities with quick turn-around.

steel melt fiberlined

Reheat Furnace Door Relines

  • Full service fiber door relines including steel repairs and coatings.

Reheat Door

Ladle Preheaters and Covers

  • Custom designed preheaters and covers made for site-specific applications.
  • Fiber pre-mounted to floor grating or expanded metal which allows for quick change.

steel melt ladle

Tundish Preheaters and Covers

  • Customer engineered using superior strength materials extends lining life and performance.

Steel Melt Tundish

Ladle and Tundish Back-up Linings

  • Microporus solutions lower shell temperatures while increasing capacity through reduced lining thickness while reducing carbon footprint.
  • Molten metal resistant solutions provide superior protection for the ladle shell as the working lining deteriorates.

Ladel - armormax