ArmorWool™ papers include a wide range of benefits, including high fiber index, ultra low-shot technology, smooth surface and low dust, excellent insulation performance, and more.

Typical applications for ArmorWool™ papers are as a filler for expansion joints between pre-casted shapes and IFB lines, gaskets in furnaces with reducing temperatures and separating and parting media for vacuum-brazing applications.

ArmorWool™ papers have classification temperatures from 2200°F to 2900°F and continuous use temperatures of 1950°F to 2700°F.


Standard Grade Papers


ArmorWool™ X

ArmorWool™ X Paper is produced from ArmorWool™ X bulk and special selected fillers. With a classification temperature of 2300°F, it is recommended for use up to 2100°F.


ArmorWool™ ZR

Based on ArmorWool™ ZR bulk, ArmorWool™ ZR Paper is providing a proven solution in applications operating to temperatures of 2400°F.

Special Grade Paper


ArmorWool™ 2900

ArmorWool™ 2900 Special Grade Paper has a classification temperature of 2900°F and is a superior paper product. It is manufactured from a mixture of mullite fibers, special grade Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF), and specialty organic binders and uses an optimized production process to manufacture uniform, lightweight, low shot, and flexible paper-like products.

AES Grade Paper


ArmorWool™ AES

ArmorWool™ AES Paper is manufactured from Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) bulk fiber and special selected fillers. Using an optimized production process to manufacture uniform, lightweight, low shot and flexible paper-like products, they are targeted to achieve the highest possible thermal insulation value and handling strength.