ArmorWool™ boards offer a wide variety of benefits, including high-temperature resistance and low shrinkage, resistance to erosion from high velocity gasses, excellent thermal insulation performance and thermal stability, and more.

They can be used in applications such as thermal insulation for furnace linings, lining combustion chambers for gas-fired boilers and heaters, as well as high-temperature back-up insulation, chemical-resistant liners in furnaces operating in reduced atmospheres and many additional applications.

ArmorWool™ boards have classification temperatures ranging from 2200°F to 2900°F, with continuous-use temperatures from 1950°F to 2700°F.


Standard Grade Boards


ArmorWool™ X

ArmorWool™ X Board is a general purpose refractory board based on our 2300°F-rated RCF ArmorWool™ X fiber with selected inorganic and organic fillers to deliver high strength and performance in industrial applications.


ArmorWool™ HP

Using a unique chemical composition (standard ArmorWool™ HP fiber) has led to the development of the ArmorWool™ HP board which has a classification temperature of 2550°F without the use of zirconia.


ArmorWool™ ZR

ArmorWool™ ZR Board, with a classification temperature of 2600°F, is a proven solution in applications operating up to temperatures of 2400°F.

Special Grade Boards


ArmorWool™ HT

ArmorWool™ HT Board is a blend of low shot, high temperature RCF and high performance alumina fibers (PCW). It has excellent dimensional stability, minimum shrinkage, and a classification temperature of 2700°F.


ArmorWool™ 2900

ArmorWool™ 2900 is manufactured from a blend of low shot, Armorwool HA fiber and high performance alumina fibers (PCW). The result is a board which can be used in a continous temperature of 2700°F at virtually no shrinkage. The use of inorganic binders minimizes loss of strength and fumes at first firing.

AES Grade Boards


ArmorWool™ LB2200

ArmorWool™ LB2200 Board is a general purpose, high temperature board manufactured with AES fiber (from exonerated ArmorWool ULS bulk fiber) and carefully selected fillers to deliver high strength and performance in refractory linings, as well as commercial boilers.


ArmorWool™ LB2400

ArmorWool™ LB2400 is a unique 2400°F-rated AES fiber board. The high stability and minimum shrinkage allows continous use up to 2100°F.