ArmorWool™ Blankets

ArmorWool™ blankets offer many benefits, including proven technical solutions, ultra low-shot technology, excellent insulation performance and thermal stability, high handling strength and many more.

A few of their applications include thermal insulation for furnace linings, stacks and chimneys and module making and are ideal for the following industries: ceramics and glass, iron and steel.

ArmorMax Blanket

Standard Grade Blankets

ArmorMax Blanket

ArmorWool™ X

ArmorWool™ X raises the bar for RCF blankets with a unique blend of high purity alumina, silica and kaolin. The precise formulation of these 3 raw materials results in the lowest thermal conductivity and shrinkage properties of any standard RCF blanket currently available

ArmorMax Blanket

ArmorWool™ HP

ArmorWool™ HP is produced by advanced spinning of a high purity blend of alumina and silica. It is designed to meet the specifications of a high purity fiber.

ArmorMax Blanket

ArmorWool™ ZR

With the addition of zirconia, ArmorWool™ ZR provides a proven solution in applications continuously operating to temperatures of 2400°F. The chemical composition of ArmorWool™ ZR is the preferred solution in most applications in the iron and steel, ceramics, or petrochemical industries.

Special Grade Blankets

ArmorMax Blanket

ArmorWool™ HA

With an increased alumina, a 2550°F grade blanket was achieved without the use of zirconia. In atmospheres with higher levels of alkali, ArmorWool™ HA has proven to extend the lifetime of the fiber lining. The chemical composition of ArmorWool™ HA is the preferred solution in special applications for the iron and steel industry.

ArmorMax Blanket

ArmorWool™ CR

ArmorWool™ CR provides the highest classification and continuous use temperature of all melt/spun fibers using Chromium Oxide. With a classification temperature of 2700°F, it is recommended for use up to 2500°F. It is unaffected by most chemicals and can be used in the most severe operating condition.

ArmorMax Blanket

ArmorWool™ PCW

ArmorWool™ PCW has high thermal insulation properties, high heat resistance, with thermal stability of insulation materials up to 2912°F and excellent resiliency under 2372°F and good tensile strength retention after heating. It is ideal for applications in automotive and steel industries.

AES Grade Blankets

ArmorMax Blanket

ArmorWool™ AES

ArmorWool™ AES Blanket is manufactured from Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES), using ultra low-shot (ULS) technology, achieving improved thermal conductivity and mechanical strength, as a result of the high fiber index. This technology provides the highest possible thermal insulation value, higher strength, greater resiliency after compression, and better handling strength. ArmorWool™ AES is a low biopersistence product and requires no warning label.