Steel Furnaces

ArmorMax revolutionizes the US steel industry by offering custom furnace relining systems built with advanced, energy-efficient materials. These systems dramatically reduce furnace downtime, maintenance costs, and energy usage, while also lowering the carbon footprint of steel mills.  

ArmorMax's roof panel systems, constructed from polycrystalline fiber, are ten times more thermally efficient than traditional materials. This efficiency reduces BTU consumption and cuts furnace cool-down and start-up times by up to 36 hours. As a result, a typical mill producing 500,000 tons annually could see an additional 2,000 tons of production and an estimated $500,000 increase in profit per outage.

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Thermal Efficiency

  • ArmorMax’s PCW roof panel systems have 10 times the thermal efficiency over standard refractory materials.
  • Reduced overall furnace mass provides improved thermal cycling, optimal heat transfer, and improved fuel efficiency.
  • Armomax’s PCW roof panels have 20-25 times lower heat storage than standard refractory materials, providing shorter cool-down and start-up times.
Thermal Efficiency

Custom Engineered Systems

  • Our engineers work closely with our customers to provide recommendations of materials and design improvements.
  • Our wide range of refractory fiber inventory allows us to provide application specific solutions with custom lengths, width, and thickness.
Custom Engineering

Manufacturing Capability

  • Only manufacturer in the US offering both polycrystalline wool and ArmorWool™ Generation III refractory ceramic fiber.
  • Our systems are manufactured from a wide range of in-stock fiber materials; assembled and installed by a single-source, minimizing on-site delays and furnace downtime.

Walking Beam Furnace Case Study

  • Switching from castable refractory to polycrystalline saved a total of 48 hours on cool-down and start-up times.
  • Furnace roofs lined with ArmorMax PCW roof panels exhibited no shrinkage or degradation of fiber one year after installation.
  • Worker safety is significantly improved, and all plant safety requirements are met throughout the entire job.
walking beam steel furnace

Tunnel Furnace System

With our turnkey solution – engineering, manufacturing and installation of our own materials – ArmorMax provides the safest, most reliable, energy efficient, lowest cost furnace linings.

tunnel furnace